I spent hours poring over the gear list previous hikers used to see what might be the lightest, most effective, or most ingenious equipment for the journey. For those interested, here is what I’m carrying to begin.

Category Item Weight Cost
The Big Four
Backpack Gossamer Gear Mariposa (w/hip belt and shoulder pocket) 32.75 oz. $235.00
Tent Tarptent Rainbow 33.5 oz $259.00
Mountainsmith aluminum V-stakes (8) 2.8 oz $4.86
Gossamer Gear polycro ground cloth (med.) 1.5 oz $9.95
Sleeping Bag GoLite Ultralight +20 Quilt (Long)* 28.3 oz $319.99
20L Sea-to-Summit ultra-sil dry sack 2.1 oz $23.95
Sleeping Pad Therm-a-rest Pro-Lite (Regular) 16.3 oz $99.95
Stove Jetboil Flash 15.3 oz $99.95
Fuel Jetpower isobutane canister (2) 12.2 oz $10.00
Utensil MSR folding spork 0.3 oz $3.95
Scrub pad (1″ square)
~ $0.25
Scraper (homemade)
~ $0.25
Towel PackTowel Multi Towel Nano 0.6 oz $7.95
Firestarting Light My Fire Swedish fire steel 1.0 oz $14.95
Roll’n’Lite lighter 0.6 oz $0.24
Water Storage and Treatment
Bottle Platypus SofBottle [1L] (2) 2.4 oz $7.95
Storage Bottles 2L Platypus Platy Bottle (2) 2.6 oz $12.95
Treatment Platypus Gravity Works water filter 6.9 oz $99.95
Aquamira water treatment drops 3.1 oz $14.95
Miscellaneous Gear
Glasses Spare prescription glasses 0.6 oz
Sunglasses LensCovers polarized sunglasses 3.0 oz $16.95
Digging GSI cathole trowel 3.0 oz $4.95
Knife Leatherman Squirt PS4 multitool 1.9 oz $29.95
Writing Fischer Cap-o-matic Space Pen 0.6 oz $16.95
Compass Brunton F-7DNL Star compass 0.91 oz $11.50
First Aid Homemade first aid kit 5.8 oz ~$10.00
Repair 50′ duct tape 0.5 oz $0.50
Pack liner Gossamer Gear polycro bag liner 1.3 oz $2.50
Watch Highgear AltiTech watch 3.6 oz $89.95
Smartphone iPhone 4 5.0 oz $199.95
Phone Case Lifeproof iPhone 4 case 1.1 oz $80.00
Satellite Messenger SPOT Satellite Messenger 4.1 oz $149.99
Camera Olympus TG-630 digital camera 5.9 oz $199.95
StickPic camera mount 3.8 oz $13.99
Solar Panels Suntactics sCharger-5 solar charger 8.4 oz $139.95
Light Princeton Tek Remix headlamp 3.0 oz $44.99
Battery Pack X5 Mobile 2600mAh Power Bank 3.0 oz $19.95
Batteries AAA rechargeable lithium batteries (4) 1.7 oz $13.00
Cords iPhone, SPOT, camera transfer/charger cords 3.9 oz
Extra Clothes
Baselayer Shirt Smartwool NTS 250 mid-crew shirt 9.2 oz $95.00
Baselayer Pants Redram wool leggings 5.5 oz $39.95
Wind Jacket Patagonia Houdini wind jacket 4.0 oz $99.00
Thermal Jacket REI Revelcloud jacket 12.5 oz $149.00
Sun Gloves Glacier Gloves sun gloves 2.3 oz $29.95
Thermal Gloves Black Diamond MidWeight gloves 1.6 oz $29.95
Thermal Cap Knit wool cap 2.0 oz
Socks Darn Tough Light Hiker socks 2.0 oz $19.00
Underwear Patagonia lightweight boxer-briefs 2.8 oz $30.00
Hat Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero 3.4 oz $60.00
Shirt All American High-Performance shirt 8.5 oz $19.95
Pants North Face convertible pants** 11.4 oz $75.00
Underwear Patagonia lightweight boxer-briefs 2.8 oz $30.00
Socks Darn Tough Light Hiker socks 2.0 oz $19.00
Gaiters SimBLISSity Levagaiters 1.8 oz $27.95
Shoes Altra Instict 1.5 trail runners 21.6 oz $64.99
Trekking Poles Black Diamond Ultra Distance Trekking Poles (120 cm) 9.9 oz $159.95
Umbrella GoLite Chrome Dome Trekking Umbrella 8 oz. $24.99
Bandana Cotton banadana 1.0 oz $2.00
Sierra Gear
Bear Canister Bear Vault 500 40.7 oz $79.95
Self-Arrest Tool Black Diamond Whippet self-arrest ski pole 15 oz $99.95

*GoLite no longer makes the +20 quilt, but it is very similar to the Z30 shown in the link.
**I can’t determine what actual make of North Face convertible pants my clearance trousers were; they’re similar to the Paramount Peak, but without the integrated belt (which is good).

Much of this has been gathered over the past several years, a bit at a time. The price is the current market value I could find online; much of it I tried to find on sale, or was cheaper many moons ago. (I only paid about $120 for my quilt way back when.) The weight is as measured at home, and often includes a stuff sack or other storage.


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