On the Road Again

Just a quick note to say I’m headed out once more. Much of the logistics and paperwork for the hike remains in limbo, but I needed to do something to keep from losing momentum entirely and losing more time. The body is mostly healed, and I’m armed with a new pack buckle and an amazing new battery pack, so I’m basically Batman.

I caught a ride with my progenitors on their way up to visit my sister in Idaho; they’re dropping me off tomorrow morning outside Ashland (where we’re staying tonight). I’ll hike north for a couple of weeks, and they’ll snatch me up on their way back south (Lord willing, and assuming this isn’t just an elaborate prank to strand me several hundred miles from home).

I’m nervous and excited all over again. The landscape up here is beautiful, and I’m praying for more and shinier adventures on this chunk of trail.

Just for visual interest, here’s an unrelated photo of helicopters on the deck of the USS Midway, taken on Flag Day when my boys were performing with their Fife & Drum corps. Though this broken schedule has been annoying in many ways, the chance to see the family (and really appreciate that time) has been a huge blessing.


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3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. I’ll make sure they come back and get you! All I have to do is promise Mom some Kneader’s sugar cookies and Dad some local ale, and they’ll do anything I say. 🙂 Have a ball out there!

  2. John Eldevik

    Glad to hear you’re up and heading back out on the trail! Take some good pictures!

  3. Beth Fox

    Welcome to Oregon, brother-man! Hoping our schedule will let us wander your way.

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