Delays and Plotting

I am adrift on becalmed seas. The voyage has become mired in the doldrums, and the days pass slow and heavy. But soon a fair wind will fill my sails once again and I shall surge forth once more.

Forgive the sailing metaphor; I just wanted to spice up this pedestrian (or, literally, non-pedestrian) post.

If my journey northward is a pilgrimage and an epic adventure (in a less metaphorical context), then certainly the enemy of all plans is hot on my case. This pause in the hike, as previously stated, was a blessing inasmuch as it allowed me to tackle the administrative issues that arose while I was gone. But the wheels of bureaucracy turn exceeding slow—I haven’t yet heard if my modified plan will still meet the expectations and requirements of the original sabbatical proposal. (I imagine it will, but given the track record so far, I’d really like confirmation on that before I make any firm decisions.) Then there is the matter of getting the official release paperwork done and applying for this bond to prevent me from running off and squandering my sabbatical (as opposed to me sitting and waiting during my sabbatical…).

My foot issues are healing somewhat slowly; I’m pretty certain I could take on the trail again now, though where I will jump back on remains a mystery. Entertainingly, new issues have arisen on the other end of the body: a tooth that had been annoying me suddenly lost its filling, necessitating some amusing dental work yesterday. Now I must wait to find out if I only need a crown or if I get to enjoy a full root canal (which means another stop back home in a few weeks). Oy.

Exciting stuff, isn’t this? I wish I had more adventures to report, but currently I’m trying to work out finances (affording the premium on this bond is a puzzle I haven’t yet worked out), relaxing and enjoying technology far too much, and becoming addicted to mid-morning baths (to soak my feet, ostensibly). Ideally, new and thrilling tales will be forthcoming. Prayers to that effect are much appreciated.

A few shots from the last couple of days on the trail:






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11 thoughts on “Delays and Plotting

  1. Here’s to all the body bits cooperating and the bureaucracy getting itself sorted and moving! And prayers definitely continue for the financial answers to this very significant surprise bond expense.

  2. John Eldevik

    I’m still absolutely flabbergasted by this having to post a sabbatical “bond”. I have never in my entire career heard of such a thing, even at state schools. Do they refund you the premium if you return to work in September? Is there a union or CC teachers organization you can register a complaint with?

    • It was rather a shock to me, but it turns out to be part of California Education Code. Section 44969 (which all instructors, of course, are in the habit of perusing of an evening) reads thus:

      Every employee, as a condition to being granted a leave of
      absence pursuant to Section 44966, shall agree in writing to render a
      period of service in the employ of the governing board of the
      district following his return from the leave of absence which is
      equal to twice the period of the leave. Compensation granted by the
      governing board to the employee on leave for less than one year may
      be paid during the first year of service rendered in the employ of
      the governing board following the return of the employee from the
      leave of absence or, in the event that the leave is for a period of
      one year, such compensation may be paid in two equal annual
      installments during the first two years of such service following the
      return of the employee. The compensation shall be paid the employee
      while on the leave of absence in the same manner as if the employee
      were teaching in the district, upon the furnishing by the employee of
      a suitable bond indemnifying the governing board of the district
      against loss in the event that the employee fails to render the
      agreed upon period of service in the employ of the governing board
      following the return of the employee from the leave of absence. The
      bond shall be exonerated in event the failure of the employee to
      return and render the agreed upon period of service is caused by the
      death or physical or mental disability of the employee. If the
      governing board finds and by resolution declares that the interests
      of the district will be protected by the written agreement of the
      employee to return to the service of the district and render the
      agreed upon period of service therein following his return from the
      leave, the governing board in its discretion may waive the furnishing
      of the bond and pay the employee on leave in the same manner as
      though a bond is furnished.

      Fun stuff, eh? I do find it quite telling that the last part of the section does provide that the district can choose to simply trust the employee to fulfill his promise. The fact that they do not speaks volumes, I think.

      • John Eldevik

        You’re right — the last part’s the clincher. In the end, they can just waive the bond if they’re pretty sure you’re coming back. For tenure-track faculty, that should be a no-brainer. I knew people at Cal State who took leaves and they never had to go through this nonsense. What’s wrong with SBVCC?

  3. Alpha Pair

    What exactly did they sedate you with to somehow create “amusing” dental work?

  4. Go to a dentist that uses CEREC CAD/CAM (google it) as they can do your full crown in one visit so you don’t have to have a temporary and come back 2 weeks later. (I work in dental)

    • I appreciate the advice, and I’ll look into it. At the moment, since the problem went fairly deep, they wanted to wait to see if the problem could be solved with just a crown, or it needed a full root canal. I suppose I could opt for the latter and just get it all over with, but I’d rather avoid that if I can…

      • OK, makes sense. I wasn’t sure what the exact cause of the delay might be. I understand better now.


    • I was going to advise this same thing. The CEREC thing was one of the best darn things I ever did…dentally speaking. WAYYY better than a traditional crown.

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